Another successful 24 hours in Tampere

by Yonathan Wolowelsky

This week we were honored to take part in the project, an interactive web-installation powered by Richard Vickers and James Field from the University of Lincoln, UK.
After a short briefing from Richard and series of technical problems, we went out there with the new PureView cell phones, in the typical Finnish cold, to document our life in Tampere as it is.

Taking a bath in Näsijärvi

Boat in the Tammerkoski river

Rabbit's Bathroom

Head of the media program learning to use a new instrument

Rabbits in the shower, two Asian girls on a bike, old Finnish folks taking a bath in the lake, construction sites in action and many other new scenes, filmed by IMP students, can be seen now at the website. The project basically gives the audience a chance to see the city from another angle, from a point of view that you won’t necessarily see in tourist brochures or postcards.
The brave 24-hours in Tampere team. From left to right -
Bobo, Dita, Joanne and Yonathan

For us, IMP students, it was very nice kickoff for Mindtrek, and it was a pleasure to work with Richard. Most importantly, the project evoked some thoughts in our minds - what is an installation? Does it have to be physical, or maybe nowadays the web is a new virtual platform for people to reach and create new art? Decide for yourself.
The author is student of TAMK UAS Degree Programme in Media
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