Mental note: Look right. LOOK. RIGHT. @ Salford, UK

Greetings from the county, where the cars drive on the wrong side, the buses are (red)double-deckers, the rain is our daily companion and the girls are wearing way too little clothes for the rather fresh temperatures. It's not all just myths, it's reality!

beautiful British architecture in Manchester

It's been four weeks now since we arrived to Manchester, four chaotic, challenging and above all, very interesting ones. Ignoring that fact that the university had immense troubles with the IT and all the timetables as well as that there was no responsible person (Erasmus tutor) for us when we arrived, the time so far has been amazing and the fact that a very generous welcoming package was awaiting us, compensated for all the troubles we had to go through.

Our first week here was mainly dedicated to organizing courses, fixing schedules and arranging all necessary things for living in a foreign country and of course getting to know the surrounding and all the campuses of University of Salford. During the first week, there were several welcoming events going where one could have a closer look at the British culture, through pub quiz, workshops and lectures as well as afternoon coffee and tea.
traditional British tea party

Already during the first week, Kristina and I got an invitation from the Ersamus Coordinater of Art and Design School to give a presentation to the local rotary club about Finland as well as our home countries. We felt highly honored and at the same time a little anxious about presenting to a big crowd afraid of not understanding their questions due to their British accent, we were not used to by that time. Despite all worries, we succeeded and even got lots of positive feedback about the interesting facts presented and, who would have thought that, our fantastic English.

Finally, after this busy week, out studies began and we got to know our own campuses, courses, lecturers and other students. From what I saw till now, the teaching methods here in Salford are a bit different to what we are used to in Finland. Every single lecture is very intense, packed with lots of information and tasks, the speed of talking is incredibly high and after every lecture we have to accomplish quite big tasks additionally to the main tasks, which is due by December.
One of the courses I am taking is Digital Media, where we were promised to be pros in Autodesk 3D Max after six weeks, which sounded totally surreal for me during the first lecture. However, after two and a half weeks of practicing, I am confident that I will have a good understanding of the program by the end of the course and my fingers are already flickering very controlled over the keyboard.
wireframe of the 2nd assignment: Victorian house with sash windows
and with faces - yes I did it! thought it's not ready yet.

I am absolutely enthusiastic at the moment about 3D program which lead me to take another 3D course, where Maya is taught, supported by stop-frame animation to get to know the basics of movement. At the moment, Maya is just basics, though separating all the short cuts and menus from 3D Max is a bit challenging.

stop frame room in the MediaCity - one of my now working areas

And last but not least, I got to take a course, which is mainly focusing on motion graphics, but that one is unfortunately only starting in November, what means that I still have to wait a few weeks till I get to learn more of the secrets of After Effects, 3D Max and motion graphics. I can't wait.

I could still go on, but I think most of people got already bored after the first paragraph and those of you who made it till here - thanks for staying with me and congratulations to you, you made it till the end! :)

Greetings from Salford,

Story & Photos: Sabrina Seidl