The MindTrek 2012 diary

MindTrek 2012 was conferences, workshops, competitions, parties etc, but from our (Art&Media students and lecturers) point of view above all an outstanding opportunity to learn and network.
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This story introduces only some glimpses into three brilliant days of MindTrek.

The MindTrek Lounge! was a new MindTrek Component for MindTrekkers. You could just hang around, play games, network or participate in the workshops.
MindTrek Lounge! was arranged by our IMPs, the Degree Programme in Media students. Congratulations for an excellent job!

One of the most amazing workshops of the Lounge! was the 3D printing. The MindTrek Lounge teamed up with HackerSpace Tampere to present a demonstration in this cutting edge technology.

Our Art&Media Campus at Finlayson was venue of one of the two MindTrek conferences, the Academic MindTrek Conference. Pictured the opening session with keynote by Keith Partridge at Ada, our open learning space.

The Skoog Music workshop was arranged by the Degree Programme in Media, and very successful. The workshop was really interactive, so many of us participants had the chance to try the Skoog. On left Benjamin Schögler (Skoog Music) gives instructions and inspiration to the Tampere Art Factory (TAF) Skoog band.
Emilia Kwiatkowska wrote a report on the workshop

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The NUMA (Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards) Winners workshop was also interactive. On left Wouter Walmink from the 3rd prise winner Joggobot with IMP students Yonathan Wolowelsky simulating the Jogger and Joel Forsman the Robot.
TAMK Media Programme is one of the NUMA organisers. Read more about NUMA

Many IMP students were doing projects at MindTrek. One project was about testing Nokia PureView camera technology, we got five Nokia 808 PureView devices from the Nokia Research Center in Tampere to work with. Josef Pacal doing "MindTrek Faces" installation with MindTrek producer Bertta Häkkinen (Art&Media graduate 2009).

MindTrek attracts a lot of international academics, digital media professionals and students. Also many Art&Media international partners meet at MindTrek. This year MindTrek was visited by our old friends Sheila Robinson who spoke at the Skoog Music Workshop (read more), Richard Vickers (University of Lincoln) who gave the fourth 24 hours in Tampere workshop to our students (read more) and presented a paper at the Academic MindTrek Conference, our exchange student 2008 Glenn Veugen who travelled with the NUMA Award 2nd price winner team "Oh Music, Where Art Thou?" and professor Adam Montandon (pictured above) from our partner university Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt in Odense (DK) who was one of the speakers at the MindTrek conference.

Participation in MindTrek can be very awarding - Media Programme student Elizaveta Potapkina won a Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone and Film&Television Programme student Tero Liimatainen a Nokia 808 PureView!

Parties are an important part of MindTrek - useful for networking and fun. The IMPs opened the dance floor at the MindTrek Party on Thursday.
Next MindTrek October 2.-4.2013!
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