Mindtrek 2012: “Create”-tive marketing workshop

by Emilija Veselova

While the majority of TAMK Media students were attending the NUMA media award nominees, a couple of students, mostly the ones interested in project management and production entered the Werstan Bertel auditorium to hear about marketing approaches that differ form the usual and the common used ones.

Even though the workshop was not widely attended, it brought a good spirit and made experience more personal. We kicked of with a couple of minutes for participants to meet each other.

Donna Kivirauma: “create your own opportunities”

Then Donna Kivirauma from Varaani Works shared her experience in working in marketing and sales in USA and in Finland. Her approach to marketing is positive thinking. A positive thinker in a problematic situation sees and figures out the solution not the roadblock on his way.

Valtteri Lindholm from Varusteleka shared his approach to increasing revenues. His company, a web shop, uses humor to promote their products. Well, actually they do not even promote them, they have fun with the products. Valtteri’s experience shows that good descriptions of products are vital in 21st century. Plain pictures and prices are definitely not enough. Customers want to know what they are buying and they are ready to pay for this information.
TAMK students from Film&TV and Media programmes attended workshop
along with professionals from Europe and Russia

Even though Donna and Valtteri are complete opposites, there is one thing that their approaches share. It is honestly  And that is what the Workshop was about. Being honest with your customers is the best way how to promote yourself. Company cannot buy trust, it has to be achieved.
The author is a student of our Degree Programme in Media
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