You as an Incident Commander?

The article: Lauri Kuusela
The spring came, the snow went away and the game project course showed up. The purpose of the course was to let the students design a game of their own in small groups. Our group received a task from a third party member. Bryan Beamer, a visiting teacher in TAMK from United States, was searching students to create a game about the Incident Command System which is used in U.S.A. The ICS describes how the emergency personnel should be led and organized during a big incident. Bryan wanted to see if this idea could be turned into a game which would show people how the system works.

Our group started to discuss about different ways to make the player encounter the same problems as the real commander would. At a pretty early state the traditional ideas of learning games and interactive webpages were rejected. We felt that we aren't really capable of giving the right information how to act during a catastrophe. Therefor we started to process ideas about a humouristic game experience which would more like push the player to the right direction. As a result we present you a nice little game called the Incident Commander.

In the game the player must solve all the upcoming incidents after an earth quake that happened in a small idyllic town called Green Falls. Try it out yourself and see if you can save the people from the accidents using only three emergency units. You can find the proper guide from the game which can be played here:

The students behind the game:
Lauri Kuusela (Project Manager, Writer, Game Designer)
Tiina Heikkilä (Lead Coder, Unity Composer)
Vilma Pekola (Graphics Designer, Illustrator)
Essi Suurkuukka (Coder)
Salla Annala (Coder, Level Designer)