Media Entrance Exam 2011 done

The annual Entrance Exam to IMP, our Degree Programme in Media took place this week. Invitations went to 61 best applicants and 53 of them participated in the one day exam on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some applicants could not come due to the clampdown of Finnish visa-policy. Candidates represented Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, UK and the USA. There were again more applicants than before, and first time more international than Finnish applicants.

The Entrance Exam had four parts: an interview to recognize motivation and suitability, a pitch to identify the ability to generate original ideas and promote them, and writing a fairy tale to see if the applicants have imagination and a gift of story telling and writing. The fourth assignment was to either design a cover page for the fairy tale or to design a game based on the fairy tale.

The competition was again harder than ever. Our lecturers have analyzed the results yesterday, and today all scores have been double checked. The results will be announced simultaneously with the results of international degree programmes of all Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences on May 30.

On August 16th 24 new IMPs will start studies in Degree Programme of Media.

Cai Melakoski
Head of DP in Media
Degree Programme in Media
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