The new edition of IMP tutors

Story: Aino Yrjänä 
It's soon time to announce new IMP students but before that we would like to introduce you our new edition of IMP tutors.


The IMP tutors are the ones who guide and help new IMPs during their first year, especially for their first semester, and give them practical tips and guides for studying. Our new edition of IMP tutors are ready for you and happy to help with studies and other IMP stuffs!


The new IMP tutors consists of four IMPs: Aino, Anna-Kaisa, Johanna and Mikko. All of them are native Finns but everyone has some kind of experience in international education or living abroad in Europe, USA and Asia.


Even though August is still far away, the IMP tutors have already planned some cool stuff and activities for new Finlayson campus students with other tutors from Degree Programme in Film and Television & Degree Programme in Fine Arts. Be prepared!


Tutors' plan is not only to familiarize students to each other inside their class but introduce them as well to other first year Degree Programme students during the first semester. Finlayson campus tutors hope it will be networking in its natural form.

All said, IMP tutors hope to see new edition of IMPs in next August at Teatteri all bright and shine waiting for new chapter of their lives. Have an awesome summer!

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