Malla Peura's installation Dance with the monkeys

Malla Peura
Dance with the monkeys (installation)
May 10-31
Galleria Kioski

Siltasaarenkatu 4, Helsinki
Open Tuesdays to Fridays 12am - 4pm

Dance with the monkeys into the world of senses!

In this exhibition one may touch the pieces of art! This exhibition is a journey into the world of senses. In addition to the fact that the pieces of art can be seen and touched, one is also able to sense sounds and smells relating to the pieces of art.

How does visual art shape itself to the visually impaired? This question became a challenge to Malla Peura who became inspired by it and wanted to find the answers while working on her final piece of work of degree requirement in the visual art programme of adult education.

Malla Peura’s exhibition, “Dance with the Monkeys” is, first and foremost, directed to the visually impaired children and young people but it can also be enjoyed by all who are interested in spending a moment in the world of senses. The intention of the artist is to have her pieces of art to be experienced by all of the senses. This enables the visually impaired to make the visit to the exhibition of her/his own personal experience.

The pieces of art in the exhibition are 3-dimensional. Unlike, as is the usual custom one may touch the pieces of art. In the pieces of art one is able to discover smells and sounds as well. The pieces of art form an installation which encircles the viewer. If one so desires, he/she is able to join in the dance with the monkeys and by so doing become a part of the installation and thus the work of art itself.

The piece of art tells us what all of us that are able to see, desire to see. Sorrow that has made its nest into the eye of a wild animal, however, is something that even the one with the gift of seeing does not always see.