Time Travelling in Demola

Fruitful and busy semester is coming to an end. I have been involved in two projects in Demola

One of them was a Flash game named Hukkelon Aikakone, which will be published in Pikku Kakkonen –website in near future.
Story: Amir Abdi

The team behind the game consists of four students, Emppu Nurminen was the project manager and the background designer, Annika Alhokankare was doing the user interface designs and Lauri Heino was the one-man team coding the action scripts. I had the privilege to be the art director and the character designer of the game. Everyone else but me was from Finland in our team, however they have been so nice to speak English while I was around, which made me feel comfortable.

The target group was children between 3 to 7 years old that rose to the challenge by making me listen to my inner child.

The protagonist of the game is a Finnish kid who finds a time machine in the attic of his/her house. The player gets to choose between male and female characters Riku and Raisa and travel in ancient Egypt, Viking Age and the future, learning on the way.

It's been a truly fun way to gain academic credits, get work experience and learn from other team members.

There is something very special about Hukkelon Aikakone –project, which is the fact that it communicates with many children. There will be many kids playing this game from all over the Finland and I am anxious to see how they interact with it and if they are going to like it. However, the first user testing was pretty smooth and promising which makes us confident.

You can have an insider’s view on the project in our blog.

The author is student of Degree Programme in Media
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