Helena Pokkinen: Connection at Galleria Ronga

Helena Pokkinen
Art Gallery Ronga, 14–26 May 2011

Rongankatu 1 C 9, Tampere
Open 12-18 all days

Helena Pokkinen lives in Tampere and is holding her first exhibition in this town at Gallery Ronga. Her works create space in harmony with the gallery. She has utilised materials that are found close at hand, but which might inspire thoughts of a place or time that is farther away.

Helena Pokkinen about her art:

My intention in this exhibition is to describe our multidimensional reality. Although my expression is abstract, I have used several concrete materials in these works.

We have many different models, formulas and theories to help us understand the world. But our mind and nature also have an unpredictable and wild aspect, and we encounter more unfamiliar realities intuitively.

Time leaves its mark on our bodies and our environment, but the energy of life does not disappear. Every one of us is different yet still part of a single entity. We all meet each other in our consciousness, no matter whether we are near or far or whether we know each other or not.

This exhibition is part of continuing studies leading to a bachelor’s degree at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, School of Art and Media.

Galleria Ronga
Helena Pokkinen