Vogel, a video mapped installation by Olav Huizer

Story, photo and video: Olav Huizer
During my exchange, and with the help of AV-kioski I was able to experiment with video mapping on a next level.. Back home in Holland I'd already done a lot of different projects involving video mapping, but I never before have had more than a day to build, map and animate a sculpture with moving image projected on it. Now being able to work on the installation for my entire exchange period it gave me the ability to try all sort of different software’s and animation techniques.

The physical sculpture itself got born already the first week of my stay thanks to a long night of drinking with my Finnish and Latvian friends. Then not knowing what to do with it, 'the Birdie' was just standing in the lighting room for weeks. Until I found a good spot for it in one classroom and fixed it in place there with a beamer and started mapping and animating.

The visual story evolved slowly along the way. Being able to work on it for a long time I could experiment with different styles of visuals in the animation’s during the process. The final installation was a mix of all techniques and a small selection out of 50 gigs of animation. Everything got set up so that a visual narrative appeared.

I enjoyed the whole process and learned so much about different visual styles as well as moving graphics.

And for those who missed it live, here's a short version of the actual installation: http://vimeo.com/24209185

vogel from Olav Huizer on Vimeo.

The author is a student of Hanze UAS Academy Minerva in Groningen, Netherlands. He made his exchange period by us this semester.