The Electrician premiere on Finnish TV1 on Monday

The Electrician
TV1 Monday May 23 10:50 P.M.

The Electrician is one of the most successful of the films made by our students. It is awarded at numerous festivals all around Europe and also in China.

The Electrician is a story about an electric chair executioner, Marvin (Derek Melling), who becomes unemployed when the government decides to prohibit capital punishment. Marvin’s unique profession and job becomes illegal. Unemployment makes a big hole in his life and he doesn’t really know how to continue. He has to find a new way to use his exceptional skill: not feeling bad when people die.

The film is directed by Miina Alajärvi and it is a co-production with Salford University, UK.

Jussi Jokihaara
's script was a result of his work when he was a student of the MA in Screenwriting programme, jointly arranged by TAMK and University of Salford.
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