Tampere Kuplii Comic Festival

Story: Emma Kiiski
This annual comic event was arranged near TTVO, around Finlayson. Cosplaying was popular this year (dressing a character from for example a comic, usually manga or anime) though its popularity seems to be pretty high always in these kind of events. Tampere Kuplii was arranged from Thursday to Sunday with lots and lots of events for people interested in comics.

There were many interesting lectures about comics and not just about comics. In one lecture on Sunday they were talking about Japanese and American animations (the show was more than full.) Some popular Finnish comic artists gave interviews and autographs for fans which was a really good chance to meet some creators of the popular Finnish comics. For manga and anime fans there were a lot of stuff to buy since the TR1 space was full of selling tables with masses of merchandise from Japanese series and comics, also from games. You could buy many comic books and several publishers had their newest products available. It was also a great chance to get some books a bit cheaper than in the usual stores.

At least one student from TTVO was selling their crafts at the Pienlehtimarssi, in Gallery Nottbeck in Siperia. That room was meant for artists without publishers to sell their self-published comics, smaller comic publishers and hand-made crafts and drawings. It was interesting to see how many talented people were presenting their crafts and art. Actually, this room was far more interesting than TR1 because it had a totally different feeling about it.

All in all it was a nice way to see old friends, inspiring artists and to connect with the publishers.