Greetings from UVic Open Day

Story and photos: GuanJun Liu
Saturday morning of 2nd April, 9am, in University of Vic campus, there were a number of students with red T-shirts bustled around, as well as numerous visitors walked up and down amongst teaching buildings—This is the Open Day Of UVic.

Open Day is, self-evident, a day of University of Vic open to the public, it’s organized in name of the university, assisted with over 50 volunteer students who would show UVic two campuses to visitors, meanwhile, it’s also an excellent stage for its students from all departments to put theories into practical exercises that would be totally open for guest visiting. The day was open to everyone who is interested in studying in UVic, who desires to explore how these university facilities run, whose parents are longing to experience their children’s college life…

David PĂ©rez, a sophomore from mass communication department, gave me a tour of TV&Radio studio working environment. Every student had opportunities to record her/his own show or program which would be presented to UVic electronic magazine. There were TV talk shows, sports weekly news, music radio productions, etc. “It is exceedingly useful and helpful that we can have this kind of practice frequently” David said, “And it’s also a good chance to enhance our sense of team spirit by producing all these programs as teams.”

Open Day is not only a day supplying the public with adequate information about university Of Vic, but is also a day offering its student chances to learn more about themselves, to acquire self-worth, to share talents, to chase their dreams together!

The author is a TAMK Degree Programme in Media student
GuoanJun participated in the second edition of DobleClick festival at Vic University, Barcelona with three other TAMK students and two staff members. You will find more information about the festival soon.