The face of fear

Story and photo: Tia Tuovinen
On Friday the 15th many of our students as well as international guests came face to face with their fears.

One of our International week’s workshops was ”the Horror of Interaction”. The 2 day workshop turned out to be so interesting and inspiring that we decided to use more time with the subject – the results of our enthusiasm could be seen in the Face of Fear experience.

Before entering the experiment room, participants had to fill out a questionnaire listing phobias. Then they were taken into a small, dark room. We told the participant that we would measure their heart rate, head movement and other reactions during the experiment. After a short video of different scary things when results were calculating, just as the participant thought the experiment was over we got to the real face of fear.

The chair of fear

Scaring people is a hard thing to do, especially if the person is waiting for it. Judging by the screams and expressions of people leaving the experiment room the face of fear succeeded in its’ goal.

The author is student of Degree Programme in Media
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