Guerilla Girls Encouraged the Art Students to Do Their Own Crazy Activism

American activist art group Guerilla Girls visited Tampere on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students of Fine Art were extremely lucky to have the chance to participate in workshop held by Guerilla Girls. These women with gorilla masks have worked with gender equality for over twenty-five years. Their way of planning the project is to first check the facts and come up with a new twisted and fun way to present the issue to the public. For example they have asked: ”Do women have to be naked to get into the Metropolitan Museum?” and then showed the statistics which show how less than five percent of the artists in modern art section are women but eighty-five percent of the nudes are female. 
Story: Mari Ljokkoi


In the workshop Guerilla Girls first presented their methods and then asked the participants to tell one thing that they would like to change in the world. The art students were worried about gay rights, environmental issues, consumerism and the policies of the True Finns party. Because of the encouragement and the vast knowledge of Guerilla Girls the students were able to plan their own activistic art projects in only two hours. So beware, there´s culture jamming coming up!

Photos: Juha Suonpää