The first Tampere Art Factory photography exhibition opened

From 'Close your eyes to the bad things'

Graduation exhibition of TAMK Specialization Studies on Photography students
Tessa Ojala and Annu Salminen
April 8 - May 15
Art Worshop Werstas, Mamsell's coffee room

Kanavaraitti 3, Finlayson
Open Mon 12am to 3pm, Tue-Fri 10am to 3pm

The exhibitions of Tessa Ojala and Annu Salminen at Mamsell's coffee room opened the series of graduation exhibitions of Specialization Studies on Photography students. The other exhibitions will be introduced soon.

Tessa Ojala: Sulje silmäsi pahalta - Close your eyes to the bad things

So many negative news; wars and nature catastrophes. Pictures of destruction, despair, malice. Pictures I don't want to see.

Themes of my photographs are escapism and the search of beauty. You can try to live in your own little world and close the negative things away, but maybe you will miss something then?

Photographs taken 2010-2011

Annu Salminen: Jaettu arki - Shared Family

In year 2007 my daughter Aamu turned 3 years old and got a digital toy camera for her birthday present. Aamu started photographing the everyday life of our family. Aamu's photographs show the little big things. The children's movement is present in my photographs.

Aamu's photos are large prints, mine are small ones. This emphasizes the difficulty of  two different perspectives. You must choose which photographs you are looking.

Photographs taken 2007-2010
This is a Tampere Art Factory exhibition
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