Amazing exhibition with Soviet Estonian posters and plastic bags

Evelyn Urm (left) has produced a unique and absolutely amazing exhibition on
Soviet Estonia poster and plastic bag art. Chris Hales' (right) Horror Worshop
results will be shown tomorrow noon at Deneb, 5th floor

Soviet Estonia practically lacked advertising in the sense we understand it today.
What was Soviet Estonian print advertising like?
Which was the work field of artists?
Which were materials and possibilities to express themselves?

This you can find out today and tomorrow at the School of Art and Media, Finlayson.
Evelin Urm, lecturer at our partner Tartu Art College has produced the exhibition which is a part of our International Week and Tampere Art Factory.

The plastic bag factory of entire Soviet Union was in Tartu. Artists and graphic designers who got their art work on the plastic bags had their creations spread in 20 million copies. This is one of the amazing facts you can learn from the exhibition.