Design Management course innovating for Eco2 project

A visualization of the project green wall (Miska Wilhelmsson, Danko Pantovic, Antti Kareinen)
Story: Simona Vitalini
During the Design Management course for the second year students, the opportunity to have hands on a real project was truly a challenge. Developed at Demola with the collaboration of City of Tampere, the eco2 projects, were innovative and coherent with the brief.

Riina Pulkkinen, co-creation manager at Demola, was delighted by the number of proposals and the overall quality of the concepts presented at the feedback session. The projects are viewable at the course´s blog.

Hopefully some ideas will be also developed in the future and viewable around the city. Interactive screens, festivals concepts, visual communication for a network of sustainable practices planned with the underlying philosophy of designing services to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Simona Vitalini is the Design Management course lecturer

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