Chris Hales and The Horror of Interaction

11.4.2011 Monday

The aim of the course is to invent and create some kind of horrifying performance which audience can participate in a way or another. The day started by telling stories that have frighten us. We collected a huge pool of spooky things which come handy when we actualize our act later on this week.

No one in the group admitted to have seen a ghost but fairly many phobias were presented. Hales said he has been afraid of only one of his student's work and he has had hundreds of students in his workshops. It's very hard to come up with anything that scares people. I find it hilarious that we are so individualistic when it comes to being afraid of something and at the same time we have a collective opinion that the horror films sucks.

I must admit that creating horror stories is hard work. After seven hours of thinking and trying to catch the scariness of life in our safe little school I feel totally exhausted. I don't blame Lovecraft for being depressed and wrecked after too many years of writing horror stuff. It ain't easy.