Visiting lecturer Arnau Gifreu

Written by: Heidi Mäenpää
The IMPs had a great chance to hear about interactive multimedia this Tuesday from a guest lecturer from the University of Vic: Arnau Gifreu. The first half of the day focused on more theoretical aspects, but after the lunch break the most enthusiastic of the IMPs got to try out some video editing using Final Cut and Flash.

  The Wilderness Downtown uses pictures from the user's hometown
Unfortunately the day passed too quickly and the implementation of videos into an interactive part of a website could only be briefly explained, but Gifreu gave us his contact information in case we became interested in the subject and promised to help all he could. The day was surprisingly productive and inspiring for all of us who stayed till the end, and some of the examples Gifreu showed us were incredibly inventive.

Knowing the skills of the IMPs, surely something as great as them will be created in the near future! Gifreu himself said he will spend the rest of his time in Finland going swimming in one our warm lakes. We all wished him good luck, and hopefully we will see him again during the International Weeks of TAMK.

For those who didn’t have the chance to enjoy Gifreu’s lecture, here are some of the great examples of the interactive websites he showed us:
If you want to know more about Gifreu, here is a link to his personal website:

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