Sadri Cetinkaya nominated for Jussi, the Finnish 'Oskar'

Story: Nina Forsman
It’s  again that time of the year when Americans are celebrating the past year of cinema and awarding those few lucky ones – first with Golden Globes and then with Oscars.

Most importantly, before Oscars it’s time to select the best Finnish films at the annual Jussi-gala next Sunday. This year all students of TTVO* should be glued to the screen on Sunday night since our school’s own boy, Sadri Cetinkaya has been nominated for a Jussi for best editing in the documentary film Reindeerspotting.

Reindeerspotting is also nominated for best documentary film and over 65 000 people saw it in theatres last year. TAMK should be very proud of this great achievement of their own student. Lets keep our fingers crossed for Sadri!

*TTVO is the Finnish short name for TAMK School of Art and Media
Jussi Awards Gala broadcasting Sunday, February 6th 9pm-11pm on Nelonen
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