Tulevaisuuskylä -project presents a village of the future

Village of the Future will build up on Tampere Keskustori (central square) and the event takes place September 2nd and 3rd, 2011. The village will give information on climate change and sustainable living in an out-of-the-ordinary way.
Story: Essi Santala

The village is a collaboration of many different fields of sciences and arts and aims to be a meeting point for young people and urban planners, nature activists and business professionals, as well as futurologists and anthropologists. The event will bring together people with differing world views in order to build a sustainable future.

The Village of the Future aims to unite future technology with a simplistic lifestyle. Eco-efficient living, nutrition, transport and energy production are not distant matters: building your own wind mill is not impossible. The village takes young people and children under special consideration, as they are the builders of the future cities and villages. Children and young people will have their own events including workshops and The Future of Tampere live action role playing game.

The future oriented atmosphere for the village is created with constructions specially designed for the village and its needs. The village also prides in eco efficiency by creating its own energy.

The Village of the Future -project is produced by Creative Writing Association Yöstäjä with the help of TAMK and Friends of Earth Tampere. The project is financed by Arts Council of Finland, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and the ECO2-project of the City of Tampere.

Essi Santala is a student of lighting design at TAMK

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