Coming soon: A beautiful death

Story: Minna Orvokki Korhonen
A beautiful death is a short film which is a graduation work for three students from the School of Art and Media. A beautiful death is an experimental film that deals with emotions about losing someone really close to you.

A beautiful death became a longer project than we initially thought. The first script was written in 2008 and it focused more on medical ethics. It was supposed be a small project with only a few students. Unfortunately at that time there were some changes within our school system which halted the production.

Time went by and the students who had been confused first year students started to think about their graduation works. When I was thinking about new scripts I remembered A beautiful death again. We started the scriptwriting process again with Jaakko Sorja. Sorja is the original scriptwriter. This time we wanted to make it big. We wanted that A beautiful death was going to be our graduation work. So it was the beginning of a somewhat chaotic pre-production. At that point Heidi Jokinen came along as an Art Director. Jokinen is responsible for everything you can see in the movie from the props to the make up (of course with the help of many enthusiastic assistants).

Now in the year 2011 A beautiful death finally achieved the first public performance at the Tampere film festival. The movie has been through as many changes as the shades of color in the face of Michael Jackson. I shouldn't try make jokes because I suck at it.

Go and check out our own blog where we're gonna add more information about the hole process and maybe some intimate gossip also. Our promotional websites are also opened. The actual websites will be opened in the beginning of April. I hope we can honestly touch the emotions of the viewers or raise some thoughts through our short film. So it wouldn't be ”yet another experimental-art-film without any ideas”.

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With best regards: Minna Orvokki Korhonen, the Director

The title of the film in Finnish is Kaunis kuolema

See Beautiful death:
Tampere Film Festival, Kino TAMK Screening, March 10 4pm Tullikamari