Meet Timoteus Tuovinen, our advisory board member

Timoteus Tuovinen

One of the secrets of our success is our close connections to the working life. One expression of these relations is our professional advisory board. The members of the board are professionals in fine arts, film and television and different fields of media.

We will introduce the members, beginning with Timoteus Tuovinen. We asked him who are you, what do you do professionally and why do you bother to give your precious time to TAMK art&media professional board?

Timoteus Tuovinen, Media consultant

All my life I have been interested in writing and media. I started off as a journalist, like many others in the media business do, gradually moving towards what then was called telecommunications.

Currently, I am partnering with four others in Digital Media Finland, which is the leading consultancy on, well, - digital media. We do product development and help companies have better strategies. It is like creating survival tactics for companies in the media jungle.

We mainly work with small to medium size companies, who strive to produce content for multiple platforms. Often it is moving image, music, animation, games, or a combination of these. We help the creators to see how to finance their stuff, to whom to sell it and how to take it outside of Finland. The work is very challenging, but never dull.

We also work for public entities, like regional Centers for economic development or Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation. Sometimes we prepare papers for the ministries to help them make sense out of the digital world. It is more than haphazard predictions, rather like interpreting the current signals and working out future scenarios. - But it would be nice to have a real crystal ball.

I think the above explains why I feel it is important to participate in the TAMK advisory board. The students will make the future. If I can contribute to their understanding, even a little bit how the media, entertainment and communication businesses work, it will shape the future.

So in a way, I do have the crystal ball!