The first 1/8 of the IMP experience

Story and photos: Johanna Lievemaa
I’m almost sad we’re this far along, only 3 years and some months left of IMP goodness!

Experimental oil painting techniques
Looking back at the first 2 periods it’s amazing how many courses we have already finished. We’ve learned a lot. The basic studies have included Visual Design, Introduction to Media, Computer Skills and Finnish (for foreigners or native speakers). We got to choose between Print Design and Programming and there have been many possibilities outside the mandatory courses, like one week of intense Video Techniques and Expression. Some of my class mates have already studied 2nd year courses and participated in some projects.

There are many possibilities and so much to learn. I myself took part in Oil Painting on Wednesday nights, getting paint all over my hands, clothes and sometimes the canvas in the third floor art rooms.

I’ve already studied at one university of applied sciences and had no idea school could be so much fun! Sometimes students forget to go home because they feel so comfortable at school, or they just play games with friends or design posters or cut out Ceiling Cats.

I’ve had plenty of welcome spare time especially this third period because I’ve already studied the basics of Web Design and Animation & Multimedia, which started in the beginning of January. They are my favourite subjects and I expect a lot from the courses.

The best thing is, we always have one subject all day or at least half the day, so if you don’t need to participate, you get the whole day to yourself! I like to spend that time doing or at least thinking of school projects. Studying the things you love gives you motivation and you can do and study so much here at TTVO. The teachers are friendly and care for us, and the tutors are always online if needed.

Video entry from our away-team in the Global Game Jam @Demola

I still think our class is the best group of people, and getting to know new exchange students is always exciting. I’m not a social person at all but I’ve liked the way we do things together. Many courses have their own blogs where we can all contribute and bits of the homework are done together as a group in addition to the many 2-3 people group assignments.

Normally I would dread such group work but with these talented individuals it’s been great. I feel at home. There are also many group parties at school and outside it. Demola near our school and our own Game Development Club SCORE promise loads of fun projects and free time activities. But this is only a small part of what IMPs can do, you have to experience it yourself.

Johanna is a student of our international media programme
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