Finns did well in Global Game Jam 2011

Rhythm of the Stars team

The Global Game Jam 2011 was a fantastic success for Finnish developers – a whopping number of four Finnish-developed games (with one strong runner up) from the total number of ten winners were chosen by Game Sauce for best of Global Gamejam 2011. The ten teams behind the games were invited to have their titles showcased at Casual Connect Europe in Hamburg on Thursday, February 10.
Story: Juho Korhonen

Among the winning Finnish games was Rhythm of the Stars from Tampere. The team behind the game consists of Aki Jäntti (Gameplay programming), Pekka Kujansuu (Audio programming), Olli Etuaho (Graphics, Graphics programming) and third year TAMK Interactive Design student Juho Korhonen (Music, Original Concept, Graphics).

Finnish Game Jam – Finland's branch of Global Game Jam consisting of sites in Tampere, Oulu, Kajaani and Turku – awarded Snobli Run from Kajaani for Best Game of FGJ '11 and Jammers Favorite. The title of Best Windows 7 Phone Game went to Omniludens, also from Tampere.

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GGJ: Snobli Run
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GGJ: Omniludens
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