Disney on ice
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The Ice Screen project (IceP)

Story and photos: Albert van Zyl

This week the media exchange students and a few IMPS will be in Lapland with chainsaws and axes cutting blocks of ice out of a frozen river. WHY? Well, with the help of an ice-sculptor and our leader for this part of the course, Vesa Toukomaa, we will construct the ice into different shapes and sizes depending on our mood and many other unforseen things that might happen. We will use lights, maybe a smoke machine, some VJ equipment and a few projectors and project our latest experimental short films onto the ice structures. WHY? Coz it's awesome that's why!

Melting cubes

Oh and there will apparently also be yoga, ice-swimming, sauna action and hopefully some northern lights. We will try to document this expedition into Saami land via filming and the interwebs, so if everything goes smoothly, expect to be updated with a link to a live feed or a website or... something! Hopefully we will come back with no casaulties or lost limbs.

Wish us luck!

Albert is a student of our international media programme
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