Tursajaiset (2)

“Tursajaiset is a legendary whole day event for new students in TAMK.”
Story: Sabrina Seidl
Sounds interesting, sounds crazy, sounds like something we definitely have to attend!
Gathering at Keskustori, going by bus to the secret location and then… let the party with games begin. We divided our class into two groups and started without any delay the run for the points.

I have to admit that there couldn't have been a better start then with the game, where we had to put the head on a stick, spin around a few times and then run determined to a stick a few meters away. Sounds actually like an easy task, but who thought that we might fall on our asses already when spinning on the stick and running a straight line is also not the easiest if you are dizzy. Some even decided to take a little detour, which ended outside of the field where the stumbled upon their own legs – but all found their way back to the starting point.

Next stop – the role play. We had to combine a role play about a certain topic, which needed to have a touch of our field of studies and which was supported by random utensils provided. Short time of thinking, coordination, going ‘on stage’… and improvising! But we succeeded superbly, cause we are the creative brains.

I think I can say, that we all enjoyed the time we spent together, but unfortunately not all of us had the same fighting spirit. After some games successfully complete within the two teams, we decided to combine those two, cause people kept on disappearing. but this one team was fighting bravely till the end. We were playing word games in Finnish, though not all of us speak Finnish, rebuilding the Arc de Triomphe out of us eight people left, explaining an alcoholic drink with pantomime and much more.

We succeeded, we accomplished the tournament (as far as we could), we had loads of fun and even if we might not have achieved the highest score at the games, we definitely are the winners. We had a lot of fun, we got to know each other better and we have a lot of memories which still make us laugh!! :D
We'll done IMP's!!

Photo: Kristina Põldots

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