Tales of the Düsseldorf expedition

The visitors to the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf in the
long hallway, where the doors lead to students' workrooms.
Text: Timo Piikkilä
In the beginning of the 19th century, Finnish artists would travel to to Düsseldorf, Germany, to receive the best art education of that time. Today, the Düsseldorf Art Academy is still a notable art school and Düsseldorf a lively and multifaceted city of culture. Students from the School of Art, Music and Media Timo Piikkilä, Juuso Oksala, Jaana Ristola, Anna Knappe and Mari Ljokkoi got to know the school and the city during the Quadrinnale Düsseldorf:

  • Part of studying art is going to exhibitions. In Finland you can't even see such exhibitions as here, because we don't even have big enough museums or places that would fit exhibitions of this scale.
  • As someone who has gotten used to the Finnish cultural atmosphere I can only marvel at the varied and deep art life, and enviously explore the city filled with interesting galleries, both small and big.
  • Even though the students of the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf seem to have more space and time to focus on their own work, the method of studying under one teacher didn't impress the TAMK student who has gotten used to a more conversational and multifaceted teaching.
  • Awesome biking culture! More of this to Tampere!
Picture: Mari Ljokkoi