Awesome 2.5 weeks of 10IMP

10IMPs in group photo after the Mölkky game, an essential part of study orientation
Story: Johanna Lievemaa
School has truly started! Most of our courses for the first period, as well as extracurricular activities and evening life, are rolling on smoothly. We know the teachers and classrooms, we know what to do, most of the technical difficulties and the fuss and bustle of the beginning are over. There are still some mysteries (like Moodle for myself) but I'm sure everything will become familiar soon enough. I've never felt more at home at a new community or as relaxed as I have at TTVO. We've been given a warm welcome and all the info we could ask for. The student tutors have been all but holding our hands the first few weeks and everybody's been really nice and helpful.

Our group seems to be a collection of very competent and gifted people. We are all different and come from very different backgrounds, everyone brings different kinds of knowledge and abilities to the group. But still we are somehow alike: artistic, motivated and extremely awesome, as you could see from our Wordle tag cloud. I think we go great together. For me as a Finnish student, it's been delightful to have people from different countries in our group and exchange students on most of our courses. You have come all this way, I hope we can make you feel welcome and get to know you and maybe learn something about your cultures. From these first weeks I know we can all work well together and luckily there is plenty of team work ahead. I'm particularly happy to be a part of this group.

As the other international programmes started a week later, us IMPs felt like a team already, going to the main campus to learn about common practical issues. It's good to know the organization we're a part of, but TTVO feels like home. Finlayson campus has a perfect location and an awesome atmosphere with Fine Art and Film&TV there with us. But of course, as we are internationally oriented, we are eager to leave the nest. We've been eying the world map of our partner universities with special interest. I'm excited about all our courses and upcoming projects, even writing that awe-inspiring Thesis at the end. We are lucky in so many ways. This school seems to have so much to offer even though the programme is young, and as we get to choose exactly what to learn, I'm sure we will become sought after professionals in our chosen fields. And we can very much enjoy our journey.

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