From a Fine Arts student to a curator

Mari Ljokkoi inspects the three-channel video installation "Last Riot" by a Russian AES+F artist group at Inter-Cool exhibition.
The Fine Arts student Mari Ljokkoi will be getting to know the work of a curator as the assistant to artist Pekka Niskanen at the Inter-Cool 3.0 exhibition in Dortmund. Mari Ljokkoi will aim for curator training after her Fine Arts studies. Ljokkoi, with this in mind, has devised together with the programme a special set of study modules, which will allow her to familiarize herself with the responsibilities of a curator.

Independent curators are rare in Finland, but museums often hire outside experts to implement exhibitions for which the museums themselves do not have adequate expertise. In the field of international modern art the curators function as gatekeepers between the artists and the large exhibitions. Important part of the artist's job is to meet with curators, and through these meetings their works can be selected for galleries, museums and biennales.

Together with Pekka Niskanen, Mari Ljokkoi will realize the exhibition currently on show at Dortmund's MedienKunstVerein for Werstas, Tampere in summer 2011. Ljokkoi will also curate her own section, which will function as a side-event for the actual exhibition.

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