A night in the gutter

Story and pictures: Heidi Mäenpää
On Saturday night at eight a group of old and new IMPs with a few tagalongs gathered to spend the evening at Kaatopaikka, Tampere’s best bowling alley. Once everyone had arrived the IMP10 tutor Anna Tikkanen divided us randomly into groups of four, and we took our places after a swift battle for a pair of right size shoes.

The alleys and bowling balls looked great in the glow of the black light lamps. For any thirsty soul the bar offered refreshments, and the air was soon filled with laughter and the sound of falling pins. Although in my case the bowling balls were cursed: one after the other they found their way into the gutter. But it wasn’t all bad luck! With the great support of my team mates I even managed to get a strike. No matter one’s skills everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I now recognize a fair share of formerly unfamiliar faces.

After an intense hour of bowling we were sad to leave and swore to hold this kind of event again. Perhaps with a two-hour reservation next time? Later at the bus stop some of us decided to continue the fun at various clubs and some headed straight home to dream about their legendary strikes.

Thanks to Sabrina Seidl for the great idea, Anna Tikkanen for making it happen and Cai Melakoski for the generous funding. We sure had fun!

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