Imps 09 started their second year

Story and photos by Vasia Tolou

The first ever International Media Programme students of TAMK began their second year this Monday with the course “English Language and Communication”. The year began quite smoothly and peacefully with only very few students temporarily missing. Our first period also includes "Project Management" and "User Experience Design".

"User Experience Design" is all about optimizing user interfaces to make them easy to use, functional and successful in delivering what they are supposed to. Our first session included a group task for which we had to compare two similar web pages, based on how well they accomplish their goal and how user-friendly they are.

"Project Management" is pretty self-explanatory. We will learn, among other things, about the importance of creating detailed and accurate project plans, projects' different stages, the project manager's role as well as explore some basic issues of copyright and legal aspects of media production.

We also have a few educational events coming up as part of our courses, such as the MindTrek conference and manSEDANse. Both of which we attended last year as well.