From the dust rose an exhibition

Students of the School of Art, Music and Media and exhibition
visitors at the Inter-cool 3.0 opening.
Text and photo: Mari Ljokkoi
The Inter-cool 3.0 exhibition opened on Friday 17 September in Dortmund. The Fine Arts students Karoliina Paappa, Mikko Keskiivari and Liisa Ahlfors participated in the exhibition with their works. In the exhibition was also the Youth as Refugees project, which was made by Anna Knappe, Timo Piikkilä, Jaana Ristola and Pekka Niskanen along with the help of TV and Film students Dimitri Okulov and Juuso Oksala. Students Mikael Kinanen and Vili Nissinen held an opening performance on youth culture. In the performance they were still and had been labeled as part of the youth culture archive, which was on show in the exhibition.

The U-building, where the exhibition is being held, is still under renovation. That is why the exhibition builders had to work in a huge could of dust in the week preceding the opening of the exhibition. The works were all in their place just a moment before the opening, though some works were still being set adjusted even during the opening. That didn't spoil the atmosphere, as there were plenty visitors in the opening.

The themes of the Inter-cool 3.0 exhibition were youth and youth cultures. Most of the works were photographs or videos, but there were also some showcases lifted from the youth culture archived. These showcases presented the youth culture through clothes and items.

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