Study hard, party hard? Tursajaiset (1)

Our spokesperson Tuomas Lecklin went as far as possible to get points
Story and photo: Tiia Tuovinen
Our student life really kicked off this week. On Tuesday we had Naamat, TTVO’s own get-together party at Jack The Rooster, and on Wednesday the new students were introduced to the academic student life with Tursajaiset, an initiation rite including an oath, task points, costumes and much more.

On Wednesday morning those of us who had more or less survived Naamat came to school to get feedback on their photoshop task, manipulation. At 1pm we gathered in Keskustori where we along with other new TAMK students took our tursas oath. After the oath designated buses transported us to a mysterious tursas location.

We were taken to Pyynikki and Rosendahl beach. There were 14 different task points in which we collected points for our teams by doing all kinds of interesting things such as performances and bribing. Unfortunately our IMP class had to be divided into two smaller teams which led to fierce competition and active war spirit.

After several task points few of the team members had given up so we decided to unite our powers and show the other students what the media people are made of. At the end our team had succeeded through 13 task points (the last one had closed before the team got there).

After surviving all the challenges Tursajaiset had to offer us we gathered together, hung out and got to know and like each other even more.

The day was long, different and challenging to say the least, and only few of those who attended Tursajaiset survived to school on Thursday morning. They were respectfully strong and energetic through the whole day and night so hopefully they will be back on track with the official study schedule after recovering from the experience.

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