Meet the Innovator in Tampere or Cannes

October starts today and that means two awesome events. First MindTrek at Tampere. And next week: The MIPCOM at Cannes.

If you are participating in Mindtrek you can meet us at the hotel Rosendal on Demola stand and if you'r visiting Demola you can find us somewere around Innovator and Cameo Agency corner.

At MIPCOM we are having fun with outher Finnish indie producers at Favex stand.
Innovator goes public in both of these and the main focus is to meet people interested in R&D stuff, new ideas and of course TV-formats and social media.

Yesterday we met important people at Yle and luckily all of them were thrilled about Innovator! That means: Innovator and us are feeling great!

Innovator is joint production with Demola, PAKO Studio, Prame, Pakastin and Yle.

Contact: Pauli Kopu, PAKO Studio
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The members of the Innovator core team are TAMK School of Art and Media students