MindTrek Diary, Day Two: Celebrating Aleksi, Joost and Frank

MindTrek is a world class conference with famous keynote speakers and sessions that deal with the most important issues of the digital future. If you want to learn more, check out the MindTrek website.

IMPs, the international Media Programme students of TAMK School of Art and Media were there having breakfast in time before the shows started. Aleksi, one of the IMPs (in center), had his birthday, all the fellow IMPs sung the birthday song, and Aleksi's muffin was powered up with whipped cream and strawberries.
TAMK is one of the proud key institutions behind MindTrek, we are really happy to be a crucial part of this stunning event.

This blog does not however monitor the big stars of the global event, we keep in touch with the grassroot level.

Our previous post presented the Innovator project, showed this week at MindTrek and next week in Cannes.

Pictured find Pauli Kopu, the driving force of the Innovator project, and Professor Jukka P. Saarinen from Nokia Research Centre in Tampere, the Brain behind Demola and God Father of the Innovator at the Innovator stand at MindTrek.

Matti Särkilahti and Tuomas Rinne, Business Information System students and Antti Salomaa, Interaction Design student at TAMK UAS, who have been envolved in successful Demola projects, presented their work to MindTrek participants.

The day was wrapped out with the MindTrek Awards Ceremony. Here you see the winners of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards, from right to left: Third Price winner Jan Roters, Traffic Light Detector (Germany), second prize winner Katrina Bekessy, PING, the Smart Trash Bin (USA), and the winners with Donkeypedia Frank Alsema and Joost van Eeden, the Netherlands.

Mirette Kangas (left) from YLE New Media and Hanna Puro, Zento Interactive are frequent MindTrek visitors, but surpricingly they met today for the first time at MindTrek after they worked together at the EUROPRIX jury in 2002 in Salzburg.

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards

PING: The Smart Trash Bin
Traffic Light Detector