MindTrek Diary, Day One

One of the exciting and inspiring reasons to enjoy working at TAMK School of Art and Media is the annual MindTrek Conference we arrange together with other Tampere universities and companies every year since 1997.

MindTrek always has a state of the art content in digital media with world class speakers and tracks. The best part however in my opinion is that 800 wonderful people from all over the world gather here, a lot of old friends and partners, and so many new people to make friends and contacts with.

In the morning I escorted Swanhilde de Jong to TAMK main campus to meet our Head of the International Office Riku-Matti Kinnunen.

Swanhilde is exchange lecturer from one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, the NHL-university in Leeuwarden. She is teaching our MA in Screenwriting programme this week, I will write a story about this later. It is easy to attract visiting lecturers to our university during the MindTrek Week, they love to come, because they have also the option to be a part of MindTrek.

The colours of Swanhilde matches excellent with the autumn colours of Tampere.

Going back to TAMK School of Art and Media Campus at Finlayson I realized one reason why MindTrek attracts people from all over the world. Tampere is just fantastic in the beginning of October.

Today was the MindTrek pre-conference day with partner events. Most of them were at Rosendahl, but some also at Finlayson.

The Chair of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Artur Lugmayr is here opening the nominee presentations event of the competition at Demola, Finlayson. The nominees did great presentations, and I was happy almost all of the IMPs, the students of our international Media Programme were present.

In the evening I participated in the Open Media event get-together. "The rivals", the nominees of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards finally found each other at the same table. Who will win the first prize? My lips are sealed, but the secret will be revealed tomorrow 16:45 at Rosendahl.

From left to right: A member of the Traffic Light Detector delegation, sorry, I didn't get his name yet, Joost van Eeden, DonkeyPedia (Netherlands), Kirsi Lindfors, co-chair of the Ubimedia contest (Finland), Katrina Bekessy's mother, Frank Alsema, DonkeyPedia, Katrina Bekessy, PING, the Smart Trash Bin (USA) and Jan Roters, Traffic Light Detector (Germany).