Arctic Film Festivals Like Our Films

Arctic Fury Film Festival
4.-8.11.2009 Rovaniemi
Invited School of Art and Media Films:

The Electrician

Rain Must Fall

Arctic & Fabulous Film Festival
19.11-20.11.2009 Jyväskylä
Invited School of Art and Media Films:

Diary of a Person with Asperger’s Syndrome

The Electrician

The School of Art and Media student films are touring this autumn on film festivals all over Europe. Two festivals focusing on Nordic Films have invited three films each from our school.

The Electrician was invited to both festivals.
It is already introduced in our blog several times.

Diary of a Person with Asperger’s Syndrome was introduced ten days ago in this story.

Follow those links to read more about the Electrician and the Asperger Diary, now this blog introduces the films only mentioned here before:

Piilo/Alone, directed by Aleksi Närvä is a short thriller. A young boy, Kasper is going home alone, while her mother is once again working all day. Suddenly, Kasper must begin to hide and search a way out, when two burglars break in to the house. The film asks a question: Can a child survive a number of horrible and traumatic events all by himself?

Alone website with trailer

The short film Rain Must Fall (Ennustus) is written and directed by Anna-Kaisa Haapala. The story takes place in post-war Finland during the rebuilding years 1948 - 1956. The film is based on a real story and shows the tragic struggle of a family trying to survive one day at a time.
Director's comment: "When I was a child, I heard a story I wanted to hear over and over again. It was a fascinating story, because they said it was true." – Rain Must Fall will share that story with you.

Trailer with English subtitles

Adaption is the graduate film of our Fine Art Programme student Henna Inkinen, shown at Tampere Art Factory last spring. The director tells the story about the film:

"In my film series Suicidal Tendencies, I examine the manifestations of suicidality. The first part dealt with the suicidal aspects of the physical existence and the anxiety created by the body image. In the second part, Adaption, I sink my teeth into the romance of death, the Gothic conception of beauty where cruelty and beauty intertwine.

The main character of the film is a 30-year old woman who is making the decision of her life. She is one of the many burnt-out workers of the modern day, of whom the society expects more and more unrealistic results. Adaption takes place in a Finnish scenery of the mind: the wintery period of darkness. The locations include a dark seaside, a sauna and a forest at night.

Every now and then our subconscious writes our dreams as cruel horror stories. The self-inflicted fear we face there is near to the core of the film Adaption. A powerful sense of panic creates a strong atmosphere for the film. The desire and dread for death are beautiful in their horror. There is a strong presence of otherness, which is visualized as transitions from one time and era to another.

The displacement between reality and the dream or fantasy can also be interpreted as a kind of inter-generational Déja vù phenomenon. On the other hand, it depicts the workings of a suicidal mind; the sense of one’s existence is being shaken up and the mind and the personality are overwhelmed by the uncontrollable otherness."

Experimental films by Henna Inkinen

Photo from Adaption