DETVET Had a Brilliant Start

The kick-off session of the DETVET project was rounded off late Thursday afternoon with a tour to Klaipeda's old brewery.

Earlier all the important decisions to make the project running efficiently over the next two years. The project plan was scrutinised in detail and many specifications made.

The main form of activities is partner meetings, to be arranged January 2010 in Malmö/Lund, Sweden, April in Sant'Angelo, Italy, October in Odense, Denmark, January 2011 in Olomouc, Czech Republic and May 2011 in Tampere, Finland.

The meeting also started the DETVET blog to be launced in November and the DETVET Google-group for communication and work between the meetings.

The steering committee members were chosen, dissemination plan made and the tools for investigations discussed.

The aim of the project is to form an international sustainable partnership in order to improve VET teachers’ competencies in education techniques.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to make an inventory, exchange, evaluate and disseminate the best in-service training practice, methods which enable VET teachers to acquire and develop their competencies focused on education techniques,
  • to compare educational competencies development needs of VET teachers in participating countries,
  • to test a chosen method in the partner institution or silent partner,
  • to produce a Common Methodology Framework for the teachers from various fields of VET system enabling to reach an optimal efficiency when assisting students in learning process, also helping them in choosing adequate material and tools for their knowledge practical implementation.
The project will run until end of July 2011. DETVET is a partnership project funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

The role of TAMK Teacher's Education Centre and the School of Art and Media in this project is to contribute to the expertise of using Social Media in education and training.

VET = Vocational education and training
DETVET = Development of Educational Techniques in Vocational Education and Training

Pictured: Most members in a DETVET family photo. Standing in the back row on right TAMK delegates Sisko Mällinen and Jarno Tolonen.