Electrician Team: First We Took St.Petersburg, Now We Take SiChuan

This is a note from director of Electrician Miina Alajärvi, sent to members of the Electrician group on Facebook:


I'm writing from my vacation in Sweden. Good news reach even here! The Electrician keeps on compeeting around the world!

The Electrician is competing for student film award in Kettupäivät (Finnish for "Fox Days"), an annual Finnish short and documentary film festival in Helsinki. The 26th Kettupäivät will take place from November 4 2009 until November 7 2009. They haven't announced the schedule yet, but I'm inviting everyone in Helsinki to come and see it to Andorra! I'll be there for sure.


I got good news today,
The Electrician has been nominated for Special Jury Award of International “Gold Panda” Awards for Student of 2009 (10th) Sichuan TV Festival. The first website is amazing. Not a word in English. Totally psychedelic!
10th Sichuan TV Festival

And last but not least The Electrician is off to Italy!
THE ELECTRICIAN's been officialy selected for the next edition of Imaginaria’s festival. The 7th Imaginaria will take place in Conversano, Italy from 11 to 15 november 2009.
Imaginaria Film Festival

So Finland, China and Italy in November. In China they actually still do execute people with electric chair. How will they like Marvin?

puss ach kram

The Electrician won three prizes in the Beginning Film Festival in St.Petersburg.

The Electrician will be busy next weeks at following festivals:
4.-7.11: Kettupäivät, Helsinki
4.-8.11: Arctic Fury Film Festival, Rovaniemi, Finland
6.-8.11: 10th SiChuan TV Festival
11.-15.11: Imaginaria Film Festival, Conversano, Italy
17.-21.11: YOUKI 11 international Youth Media Festival, Wels, Austria
19.-20.11: Arctic & Fabulous Film Festival Jyväskylä, Finland
19.-22.11: Up-and-coming International Film Festival, Hannover, Germany
4.-12.12: Rencontres Henri Langlois, International Film Schools Festival, Poitiers, France

The Electrician, with premiere in February this year, has been shown at several festivals in Finland and in Norway, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico and Russia.

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