Cristina and Rosa - Exchange Lecturers from Vic

University of Vic, Barcelona, is one of the universities we have really intense cooperation with. We have students from Vic here all the time, and our students go to Vic.

Staff exchange is also frequent. This week Cristina Perales and Rosa Pons give a 5-day workshop titled “Visualizing: from the idea to the screen” to our 3rd year film and television students.

The student and staff exchange is really important for us. It gives new views, ideas and inspiration. And above all new international contacts and friends.

Most of our incoming staff exchange takes place during our annual International Week, when lecturers and students from up to 15 universities come to our campus at Finlayson. This academic year the International Week takes place May 3-7.

University of Vic

Pictured: Rosa Pons and Cristina Perales at our roof garden