IMPs at FinnGraf, Print Media Exhibition

Text and photos: Anna Tikkanen
Students of the Media Programme had a chance of attending the largest event in the graphical arts industry in Northern Europe, and obviously many of them took advantage of it.

The exhibition consisted of many small areas where companies presented and marketed their products and services. I, unfortunately, couldn't resist the temptation of a new Wacom drawing table, so I indulged myself to buy one from the Apple/Mac tent. There was also several live presentations taking place at the B-hall "bulletin area" by various industry professionals.

All in all, the whole exhibition was very interesting and informative (along with the delicious sweets), and it gave us all a lot to think about. Print design (and the print and graphical industry in general) is indeed very intriguing... Especially if you get to print your own name with an ancient printing machine ;)

FinnGraf/FinnVisual 2009 exhibition

Click the image to enlargeIMPs are students of the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK School of Art and Media (Interactive/International Media Programme)
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