New Partner from Salzgitter, Germany

 Dr. Helmut Voulliéme, Professor in Interactive Media from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences (earlier Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel UAS) paid a visit to TAMK School of Art and Media yesterday.

Ostfalia UAS has been TAMK partner for a long time and the exchange and cooperation has been intense, but there have been no contacts in the fields of art and media.

Helmut Voulliéme is head of the Media Design Programme which started a couple of years ago in Salzgitter Campus of the university.

Cooperation between Ostfalia and TAMK were extended to include exchange and other cooperation between the Ostfalia Media Design Programme and our Media Programme during the visit. We might see professors and students from Salzgitter already in May participating our International Week May 3-7.

After the School of Art and Media tour we visited our neighbour, the ProAcademy study programme in entrepreneurship, which was introduced by Jukka Siltanen.

Of course we also visited Demola, Helmut Voulliéme was very impressed about how we have arranged student projects in this joint innovation space of companies and students of all Tampere Universities.

On Wednesday Helmut Voulliéme visited TAMK main campus to meet international office and R&D staff members. TAMK-Ostfalia cooperation looks good.

Ostfalia UAS
Pictured: Dr. Helmut Voulliéme in the roof garden of School of Art and Media