IMPs go to Tursajaiset 090909

Story: Anna Tikkanen
The long-awaited Tursajaiset party was finally here. After a long wait (3 h) at Keskustori, fellow Imps finally made it to the Härmälä Camping area.

The group of 13 students and two tutors were divided in half, creating teams called "The Very Most Bestest" and "The Order of Fail". Despite the first team's name, no great success was achieved as the team was able to finish only four checkpoints. Fortunately the point of this event was just to have fun, so no sad faces were seen.

Instead of going to Onnela afterwards, TTVO's own after-party took place at Doris where the DJ's Mikko and Arttu lead the Pretty in Pop club.

Tursajaiset = First year student's traditional party
TTVO = TAMK School of Art and Media
Keskustori = Central square of Tampere

Photo: First year students at TAMK main campus preparing to march to the city centre to join IMPs for Tursajaiset
IMPs are students of the Degree Programme in Media of TAMK School of Art and Media (Interactive/International Media Programme)
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