Our Students are Gems!

A couple of weeks ago Rosa Pons and Cristina Perales from University of Vic, Barcelona, did their five day staff exchange at the School of Art and Media. They did a workshop with our students, who loved it. The visit once again showed that carefully prepared and implemented visits of lecturers really make sense and pay off.

More joy was to follow: Rosa and Cristina sent their feedback, and it was so uplifting I simply have to publish it in our blog:

  • We found your students very well prepared for team and autonomous working and they have a huge capacity for work.
  • They are quick in learning and seem they aim to improve their skills.
  • They are respectful with the others and have a positive attitude. They accept having a leader to guide the production.
  • They know how to comprehend the subtext of a scene.
  • They can play a role and do it properly, they have intuition and talent.
  • They can handle a problem, improvise and organize an audiovisual production in a short time.
  • They listen and value the teacher’s suggestions.
  • They have a strong cultural background which gives them the ability of having criteria and opinion.
  • They know the economical worth of an audiovisual production.
It is very important that friends now and then remind us, how privileged we are working with such brilliant students :-)

Read the story about the visit

University of Vic

Pictured: Cristina Perales and Rosa Pons at our roof garden