Social Media took the MindTrek Awards

Social Media - one of the main themes at the MindTrek Conference earlier this week - was dominant also at the MindTrek Awards Price Ceremony.

The winner of MindTrek €20 008 Grand Prix is Wreck-A-Movie, the movie production community by Star Wreck Studios Oy.

Second prize in the only international competition, the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards, was given to TreasureHunter, the social game concept by Remco Magielse, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands.

Of the eight WSA Finland winners and Finnish nominations for World Summit Award 2009 three products represent social media. Grand Prix winner Wreck-a-Movie will represent Finland in the e-Culture & Heritage category.

e-Business & Commerce category winner is Real-Time Economy Community. RTE is a social media community which aims at fostering innovation and networks in a world moving towards digitalisation and real time processes. RTE Community brings together real time economy experts, researchers, the public sector, the media, the clients and all other interested players into one platform., the e-Inclusion & Participation category winner brings together Muslims around the world, but sees simultaneously the Muslim way of life as one part of the multicultural, inclusive world.

Strong elements of social media is also represented in the e-Entertainment & Games category winner Operation Hurricane (Nominated also for EUROPRIX), with 100 000 kids in the community, and, which enables the citizens of the city of Oulu to influence in the development of their city.

The MindTrek Awards was arranged by the MindTrek Association and partners, and produced by TAMK University of Applied Sciences School of Art and Media.

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Photo: Operation Hurricane team members Wesa Aapro (doing his non-military service at TAMK), Kaisa Hakala and Jari Mäkipää, graduated TAMK Media Programme students. On right Dr. Prof Peter a Bruck, president of the World Summit Award.Photographer: Matti Saastamoinen