Postcard from St.Petersburg

Two films by TAMK School of Art and Media were invited to the VII Open St.Petersburg Festival of film schools "Beginning" end of September.

TAMK student delegation members at the festival were the Flippers team: Director and script writer Jussi Autio, producers Emilia Kiviniemi and Anita Hyppönen, and the Escape team: Director and script writer Helena Yli-Kyyny, photographer Ossi Käki and editor Arttu Salmi.

The postcard from the festival sent by Jussi Autio:

"We spent an unforgettable week in St.Petersburg, although our films were not awarded. Some defects we found: The films were dubbed, not subtitled, and the general quality of the films was not high. But there were good and excellent films, too. The hosts offered accommodation at a hostel, the opinion about it was divided in our delegation. Besides following the screenings we had some time to see this Metropolis. We strolled around at many great and/or interesting attractions like the Winter Palace and under the railway bridge construction building site. We also found some small, nice night clubs and bars. The trip was magnificent, the people were very friendly and the city offers lots to see and experience. We recommend!"

The Beginning Festival

Photo: Ossi Käki
From left to right: Anita Hyppönen, Emilia Kiviniemi, Arttu Salmi(crouching down), Jussi Autio (standing), Helena Yli-Kyyny and Ossi Käki