MindTrek Grand Prix Nominees

The five nominees for the €20 008 MindTrek Grand Prix have been announced. The nominations are made by the MindTrek Grand Prix jury. The winner will be selected by the Grand Juror Matti Apunen, Editor-in-Chief of Aamulehti, and awarded at the MindTrek Awards Ceremony October 8th at Hotel Rosendahl.

The nominees are:
Operation Hurricane
Operation Hurricane is a television series and web community for kids.
Produced by YLE team for programs for children and youth.
TVKaista (TV band)
TVkaista is an online personal recorder for digital television channels.
Produced by TVKaista Oy
MoiPal is a virtual world with games and friends; you can play it online or download to your mobile phone.
Produced by Ironstar Helsinki Oy.
Wreck a Movie is a movie production community.
Produced by Star Wreck Studios Oy.
Mobile services by the YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) New Services Team

The MindTrek Awards is arranged by the MindTrek Association and produced by TAMK School of Art and Media.

Operation Hurricane is also nominated for EUROPRIX Multimedia Art Awards. Most production team members of the Hurricane web adventure are graduates from TAMK School of Art and Media.

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